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As ad people and designers, we spend a lot of time embellishing information – with metaphors or visual puns, for example – all in hopes of making it more interesting and memorable. But sometimes, the most compelling communication is found in plain facts. The design group Guts and Glory has created an amazingly powerful website concerning the gun lobby’s control of U.S. lawmakers. It’s called They Don’t Work For You. As you scroll down the site, you’ll probably find yourself getting more and more upset with the senators who work harder for the NRA than they do for young victims of gun violence. Fortunately, the site gives you the opportunity to call out each and every senator on his or her pro-gun voting record. It’s supremely powerful stuff, with no advertising cleverness required.

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DESIGN PACK - Wine bottles inspired by Mondrian and the Simpsons.

“Wine, or maybe not?“, two very original bottles of wine inspired by the colorful world of The Simpsons and the creations of the artist Pieter Mondrian. When Homer and Marge meet the abstractions of modern art around a bottle of wine, a nice project created by designers Constantin Bolimond and Dmitry Patsukevich.

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